Stay one step ahead

With current global economic woe’s, everyone is seeking the best offers and deals. Everyone also accepts the highest quality can't come with the lowest prices – but this is not always true. At Strokesaver, we will do everything possible to fairly win your business with our best prices and then go the extra distance with our Strokesaver Bundles.

Our philosophy is simple – you have seen our fantastic products and now we will provide our most competitive prices. But, should you Bundle two or more products together in one order, we will really sharpen our pencil and go off the page. All payments can be spread over a flexible contract term. Why? We are simply thinking long term.

The price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Create Strokesaver Bundles from combinations of:-
Strokesaver Course Guides, Strokesaver FlyThru’s, Scorecards, Goody Bags, Coursesaver, Strokesaver Apps, Website Design or the  Golf Monthly Open Sponsors pages. We promise to discount our prices – NEVER our quality.